Twelve Step Meetings

Twelve Step Meetings

At this point there is a smaller and smaller portion of our population that have not heard of “recovery or twelve meetings”. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for alcoholics, Narcotics anonymous meetings for addicts, CA for cocaine addicts, GA for gamblers, OA, ACA, and on and on. Also Al-anon for family members and others who love an alcoholic, and Nar-anon for those with drug addicts in their lives. If you have an obsession with something or even someone, there is a program and fellowship for you.

It has been suggested that I go to some meetings. Why? What do they do there?

12 Step meetings are where someone, with a particular problem/obsession can get support and talk with people who have had the problem solved. There will be a fellowship there. People who have the problem solved in their lives and will share about how that happened and what they did or are do to recover.

Will I have to say something or do something there?

Not necessarily. Many meetings will ask anyone new to raise their hand. This is so members can greet you at the break or right after the meeting. You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to. What has been suggested to new members, in the past, is to “Listen for the similarities”. Don’t let the differences in the details of someone’s story get in the way. Try to identify with the feelings.

I am in treatment for crystal meth and drinking. My counselor said I should go to meetings when I leave here. Which one should I go to?

Because you used alcohol as well as meth, you would qualify to attend AA meetings. Alcoholics Anonymous is the original 12 step program and they have meetings just about everywhere now (170 countries to date). If you attend a meeting you don’t like, try another. So if that doesn’t work for you , you should check out some NA or CA meetings, or even CMA (there are some crystal meth meetings out there somewhere). Either way, for long term support in recovery, attending meetings is a big part of many recovering people’s lives.

I have been given a meeting directory. Which meetings should I pick out of here to attend?

Preferably, you will want to pick a meeting nearest your area. And of course pick meetings at a practical time for you, so that if you feel comfortable there, or even if you don’t but do feel moved to go back, it will be easier and simpler if you can stay in your neighborhood. However, if you do have to travel a distance to get there it may be well worth it, in the long run that you show up. Meetings come in all types and formats. There are stag meetings, for men only or women only. Speakers meetings, where members will tell their whole story. Discussion meetings. Step study’s, book study’s, beginners meetings. You name it , it is out there. But it may be the hardest thing for you to do will be to walk in the door of that first meeting, but it could open up a whole new life and world for you and your family.