“Marijuana is now legal?!”

“Marijuana is now legal?!”

Recreational marijuana use is now legal in California as well as eight other states. There are several other states that have approved use of marijuana for medical issues.

I am clean and sober for over a year now and pot was never a problem for me. I often have problems sleeping and someone told me I could get a prescription for pot that would help with my sleep trouble. Why would that jeopardize my recovery?

Sleep problems are common for many in recovery and even those who have never had an issue with drugs or alcohol. So many have found alternative solutions to help with sleep problems other than drugs. Sleep is very important, but if you are still somewhat new to recovery, sleep could be a problem for some time before it gets better. It is a bit different for everyone. Old-timers used to say “No one every died from lack of sleep”. Well, I surely thought I was going to be the first.

Keep in mind that whiskey, beer, wine, and an assortment of other more exotic drinks are all legal. And most 12 step programs involving substance abuse, consider clean and sober as not taking anything that affects you from the neck up. Of course there are some who have other issues that require taking medication. That is all up to the doctor and patient. But please understand that a sponsor can be indispensable as well, to help guide you by drawing from their own experience.

But you did ask why it would jeopardize your sobriety? The best answer I can give to that is that I have seen scores of men and women who have tried the marijuana maintenance program and failed. Many have come back into recovery with a warning about this.

I have been hearing more and more about the benefits of smoking pot and that it is being used as an alternative medication for health issues. I am solid in my recovery and have some serious physical problems as well. Why should I not be using it?

We all have to make our own choices in life. So you can do anything you want to do, as long as you’re willing to pay the price. I don’t want to get into controversy here. Does the cannabis plant have medical uses. Yes, I’m sure of it. There is CBD oil which is a great anti-inflammatory. But there is no THC attached to it. So that, in itself, will not get you high. Smoking Cannabis will, of course, get you stoned.

The age old question; is cannabis a “gateway” drug? I would answer that question this way; Is getting high on pot a gate-way drug for addicts and alcoholics, who are just as always, trying to buck the system to change the way they are feeling? Yes I can safely say that for clean and sober folks who do not have a “legitimate” reason, and I do not use that word in the loosest of terms, it typically leads the addict or alcoholic back to the poison that was killing them in the first place.

Please remember that “lack of power is your dilemma”, if you be alcoholic or addict. That power must come from something greater than yourself. Putting anything, including pot, between that relationship with your higher power could cause much grief down the road, if you are in recovery. But I claim amateur status. I am just sharing 31 year’s experience on what worked for me as well as the many years that did not.