“Is it really possible to be clean and sober and comfortable, content, and at peace at the same time?”

“Is it really possible to be clean and sober and comfortable, content, and at peace at the same time?”

Everyone comes into recovery in different places in their lives. They have varying degrees of the progression of alcoholism and/or drug addiction. There are many cases where people get involved in recovery and build a support network, through the fellowship, almost immediately. This would be an ideal situation for anyone having a problem. However, acknowledging the problem, us. Acknowledging the solution, recover. And taking the action to ask for help, then take that help, is not something that comes easily for many.

Alcoholism. Drug Addiction. Gambling. Overeating. You name it, there are places to go for help. So many people who have been in your shoes are just waiting for you to reach out so they can give back to you what was freely given to them. There are organizations and people who want to help. If you are reading this you may all ready have reached out for help. If not please do it now!

I am out of treatment and clean and sober six months. I am having a hard time at home and at work. I am cleaning up my act, yet everyone treats me the same as before. I thought my family and my boss would appreciate my being in recovery now?

It’s not uncommon for someone new in recovery to assume everyone will treat them different now that they have put down the drugs and alcohol. Perhaps many will treat you different from the start. Even trusting you right away.

However, the damage caused by addiction and alcoholism goes deep. It may take time for some of your relationships to heal and for people to start trusting you again. Most people do not understand addiction or alcoholism, or recovery either for that matter. So what matters here is how you/we behave. That is what will turn relationships into trusting and healthy ones. By being unselfish and taking right actions people will, in time see that you are committed to a different way of life.

I’m going to meetings now and people are often talking about working the steps. What would this do for me? Will taking them keep me clean and sober and comfortable too?

Referring to the original 12 step program, Alcoholics Anonymous, They state that the 12 steps are a set of principles, spiritual in nature, when practiced as a way of life, can expel the obsession to drink and enable the sufferer to become happily and usefully whole.

The key here is; “… , when practiced as a way of life, ……”. Using the program as a fire extinguisher is not the best approach. If you want a quiet mind and heart, it will be worth the commitment.