“Going back to School in Sobriety”

“Going back to School in Sobriety”

Of course, in order to go back to school, you would need to have gone there in the first place, right? So I never really followed through with the staying in school part. Because of that I had to start at the high school level of courses, to begin with, but eventually received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science-with a minor in math. (the minor in math is the funny part. I was always terrible at math. Today, not so much). I was nearing sixty years old when I graduated. So time/age is an old idea. Please don’t let that get in the way.

How much clean and sober time should I have before I go to school?

The answer to that is different for everyone. So much depends on your situation in your personal life. Even if your life is on solid ground, what about your spiritual, mental and emotional condition today? One of the main things about successful, long term recovery, is keeping one’s priorities straight. Frequently, newcomers will want to dive right into playing catch up, after so much wasted time getting loaded. Moderation in any form is not our strong suit.

Often someone will come out of treatment, get back to work, sign up for classes at the local college and have a family, at home demanding attention too. Recovery has to be the top priority, to be sure that you keep it. But once you are strong in your recovery and remain involved, all these other areas will come together with less stress or drama. I am not saying; “Don’t go to school, don’t go to work, don’t be a positive participant in your family”. It boils down to priorities and balance. You can see why it might be a good idea to get a sponsor when you get out of treatment.

I have a sponsor now and as far as school goes he told me to hold off for a little while. What’s that all about?

I can’t answer for your sponsor or anyone else. But if someone you asked to help you suggests something, you might want to take it seriously. Someone outside yourself, who has been where you are may have a better perspective of your current condition. School will be there, when you’re ready.

I am not trying to say going back to school is a bad thing. I did it. I highly recommend getting an education. Many of us grew up with no interest in school. Having the opportunity now is a beautiful thing. One day at a time. Always remember to keep your eye on the prize; Staying clean and sober.